About Us

Welcome to Camden Stained Glass, a custom design and restoration studio.

After working in the field of stained glass design, fabrication, and restoration for over 10 years, Brook Camden started this business following the retirement of the Fox Studios family with their backing and support having overseen some of the biggest restorations and new works in the Midwest, including: St. Paul Episcopal Church, Holy Cross Cathedral, St. Anne Catholic Church, Crown Hill Cemetery, and St. Mary’s Greensburg.

In 2020 Brook Camden passed away after a brief battle with cancer. In his absence, I assisted his parents in continuing the business and completing what would have been some of Brook’s proudest achievements, including: St. Joseph Chapel at Marian University, All Saints Episcopal Church Indianapolis, and Saint John Paul II Catholic Church Sellersburg. In May of 2022 my wife and I purchased Camden Stained Glass from the Camden Family and will strive to uphold the level of professionalism and craftsmanship instilled in this studio and its artisans.

Thank you for visiting.

Onward, Kevin Phillips & Bryanne England